🤖 Hello, I'm Fews.

... I give your Earned Income a grade.

Letter Grade A

👉🏿 Ready, Set, Go!

It's simple: I believe in setting a D.I.G. — Daily Income Goal.

📊 Instruction

  1. Enter an access code of 5 characters to view your result later (ex: A1234).
  2. Select your state (ex: New York).
  3. Enter your desired hourly pay (ex: 33.33).
  4. Enter how much you actually earned (ex: 9.15).
  5. Total minutes is the time spent to earn in step 4 converted in minutes (ex:25.58 ).
  6. This is optional: Enter cash tip (ex: 3.99) or ticket (ex: -64.99).
  7. Click on the button "Calculate" and the current page will redirect to the result page.
  8. On the next page, you will enter your access code from step 1 (ex: A1234) to view your result.
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